Classic Marshmallow Flump Sweet Tree

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From the bakery shelves straight to your home, this Classic Flump Marshmallow Sweet Tree offers a classic sweet treat! Enjoy the perfect blend of creamy marshmallow and sweet sugary goodness in these delicious treats. Perfect for special occasions - as a centerpiece, an alternative or an addition to a buffet table; just to satisfy a sweet tooth!

They can be personalized and gift-wrapped to make them even more special. Messages are printed on beautiful templates designed to suit the occasion.

Approximate Height:

Medium: 25cm

Large: 35cm

Ex. Large: 40cm

Please note:

  • Sweet Trees are very delicate, Please unwrap with care!
  • Designs of the tree and pots may vary.
  • Contact us if you require a different arrangement. Happy to work with you to create your perfect sweet tree.
  • Design of the tree and pots may vary

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