Jelly Beans Sweet Tree

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Treat your sweet tooth with this Jelly Beans Sweet Tree! It's a perfect way to add some playful sugar to your day! Packed with sweet, colorful jelly beans, it's sure to satisfy any sweet craving. Enjoy the sweetness of the season!  This colourful sweet is loved by all ages. Jelly beans offer a range of fruity flavours and makes a perfect gift for jelly Beans lovers.

They can be personalized and gift-wrapped to make them even more special. Messages are printed on beautiful templates designed to suit the occasion.

Approximate Height:

Medium: 25cm

Large: 35cm

Ex. Large: 40cm


Please note:

  • Sweet Trees are very delicate, Please unwrap with care!
  • Designs of the tree and pots may vary.
  • Contact us if you require a different arrangement. Happy to work with you to create your perfect sweet tree.
  • Design of the tree and pots may vary

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