Wedding Sweets and Favours - Your Guests Will Truly Love

Wedding Sweets and Favours - Your Guests Will Truly Love

No matter how much you spend on your wedding - the location, venue and decorations, the only thing that tops the day and going to be the winner for your guests is the food.

Talking about food, one cannot forget desserts and confections. These are the true dealmakers!

Nowadays sweets, as part of desserts or stand-alone buffet table at weddings have become very trendy.

At Sweet Wonders By Emefa, we are one-stop shop offering the opportunity of different packages, tastes, flavours and colour of sweets and chocolates to fit your special day and every budget. All you need is to decide how you wish to set up your dessert table and what you wish to include. If you need some inspiration for your sweet menu, here are some options to consider!

Customized Wedding Favours

Most of our popular wedding favours come beautifully presented in sweet jars, clear boxes, kebabs, sweet cones and many more. They are made in your preferred colour themes and sweets so it complements your special day. This option is perfect if you desire pre-made favours that allow your guests to take something delightful home to consummate the memory of your specail day. It's also a way to save extra money on buying display jars and vases or hiring one.

Sweet Cakes 

If you are looking for a cake without frosting and crumbs or other treats choices to beautify your dessert table, then Sweet or Candy Cake is a great alternative. Sweet Cakes are prepared from various sweets and allow your guests to pick their preferred assortment of sweets from the cake.


At the core of every beautiful sweet table is a refreshingly tasty standout piece. One of the easiest ways to glam up your Sweet Table beside the other delicious treats is by adding some uniquely made treats to your Buffet set-up - A great sweet tree or sweet cake can add much impact. Our incredibly delectable handcrafted sweet trees and sweet cakes will impress everyone.

Buffet Table Sweets 

If you prefer a buffet Style, Sweet Table, with an elegant Pick ‘n’ Mix Sweets display at your wedding reception, then this is for you.

We have your dream sweets collections that you can just fill your glass candy jars and containers with to provide faultless choices that enable your guests to help themselves with the sweet treats they love. Our cost-effective sweets packages will allow you to stick to your wedding budget while still enjoying some of your favourite treats. The entire selection of wedding sweets may be divided into colour, flavour, and packaging, allowing you to properly match or pick the sweets to suit your needs.

You can also add extras such as our beautiful pre-made favours and sweet trees to your package.

Wedding gifts – Parents, Mothers-In-Law, Bridal Party Grooms  

Nothing says "Thank You or let’s celebrate more than special gifts for individuals who have contributed a great deal to your special day. We have a collection of personalised gifts from Floral bouquets to Drink bouquets. The floral and chocolate bouquets combine the perfect bundle of beautiful silk flowers and chocolates.

Our drink bouquets are made up of preferred drinks (Gin, Vodka, Wine, Prosecco, Baileys or non-alcoholic beverages) and are accompanied by the recipient's favourite chocolates. You may always add a one-of-a-kind personalized word of thanks to round off your kind present.

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