How did it all start!

How did it all start!


Hi, I am Emefa, the curator behind Sweet Wonders By Emefa.

I began this journey after many challenges in finding a suitable balance between my work as a Health and Safety professional and family life.

My career started in the Health and Safety Industry. After becoming a mum of two young children, with virtually no family support, I decided to launch a consultancy business in the industry I had been involved in for many years.

Perhaps I was too naïve about running a business with young children. Challenges such as the dreaded call from my children’s school at short notice that one of my children was unwell and needed to be picked up when I was in a meeting and an hour’s drive away, and many other industry-specific issues, made the situation even harder.

I was simply failing in my effort to be a mumpreneur! I had to reconsider the business, my family’s needs, and why everything was falling apart!

Everyone's story is different! I needed to find new ways of achieving my aim. Thus, I chose to put my Health and Safety career on hold and drive forward a leisure pursuit I had already been nursing for a while.

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