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The first and the most special woman in everyone’s life is a mother. In my mind mothers or mother figures always live on.

Anyone who lost a special mom always wishes they remain with us forever. Losing my mum has been one of the most difficult moments in my life.

Dada as I called her was one amazing mum of 3 children. As far as I could remember, she did everything she could to help us survive any threats and dangers that we faced as children. On a personal level, I vividly remembered the times she kept wake at my beside when I was ill. In difficult times, we were her priority to feed while she went without. Even when I left home and found myself in a foreign land, she was still ever-present giving me a shoulder to cry on.

Like many who are in my shoes, special occasions like Mother’s Day can be very tough but my secret to getting through such days is to enjoy all the wonderful moments and laughter we shared.

Above all, to continue to be kind, patient and caring as she has always taught me.

Like my mum, you know your mum will want you to do the same. So, hold on and toast to her living on in our hearts forever.

If you are lucky to still have your mom or have a mother figure in your life, embrace them and celebrate them in your little way.

This Mother’s Day, we have created a wide selection of Mother’s Day gifts that are guaranteed to make any mum feel extra special. These are packed with treats you know she will love the most.



Celebrating your special mums doesn’t have to be excessive. Let your budget dictate! Select from our beautiful window boxes that showcase the sweets with Mother’s Day ribbons, a Single Jar of Pick ‘n’ Mix Retro Sweets or a selection of Trio of 3 Jars filled with her favourite sweets. Come with a free Mother’s Day sticker but you can add your personalised message of appreciation.



We have a great selection of chocolate bouquets that screams appreciation and recognition. They are created to be versatile to allow you to choose options such as Chocolate with Yankee Candles, Chocolate of a particular brand or Mix chocolates of various brands that your mum loves. To finish off this, you have the choice to add your personalised message of appreciation.



Nothing heart-warming than showing your love to any special mum with our amazingly stylish bouquets that speaks volumes. Our combination of chocolates and silk roses or a trio of Chocolates, Yankee Candles and Silk Roses are guaranteed to wow her. They come in either Hat Boxes or Living Floral Vases. Above all, you can always add a personalised message of appreciation to complete the order.



Says it with a bottle of your mum’s favourite thirst-quenching drink and chocolates. Be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage, there is something for everyone. Our unique definitive designs are made with the recipient’s favourite chocolate (Lindt chocolate, Ferrero Rocher, Celebrations, Eclairs and many more) and paired with a choice of Prosecco, Wine, Baileys Irish Cream, Gin or non-alcoholic fizz. Make this extra special by completing your order with your personalised message.



Sweets and chocolate treats are not for everyone. With that in mind, we have the ultimate combination of cheese and nibbles hamper ideal for surprising any distinguished mum. Choose from a variety of options such as Gourmet Cheese Hamper or Kentish cheese & nibble Hamper.


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